Do you want to become a parent but you're single or a same-sex couple? Through One Wish you can meet a donor or co-parent in a personal way.


Would you like to share the care and upbringing of your child from the get go? Find a co-parent and start a family on a friendship basis.

Choose your donor

Would you like to choose the donor for your baby yourself? Find and meet donors who are willing to help you become a parent.

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One Wish is unique because our members have complete profiles with pictures. View a profile at a glance and get in touch.

What are the steps?

In the library you'll find medical and legal info about alternative parenthood. In the Magazine you can read stories, experiences and news.

About One Wish

One Wish started in 2017 in the Netherlands. The Dutch platform has over 2750 members, hundreds of matches and more than 100 babies born (that we know of). One Wish UK launched in January of 2021.

What are you looking for?

Do you want to become a parent, but you don't have a partner to fulfil this wish together? Do you want to know exactly how co-parenting or donorship can work for you? Do you want to be able to meet and choose a donor yourself? One Wish supports contemporary parenting, regardless of your relationship status or sexual orientation. Find someone with whom you can explore and fulfil your desire to become a parent, together.

How does it work?

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